I Wanted a Really Good Salon

When I first moved to where I live now, I knew that I was going to have to find new everything! Some people only worry about finding a new dentist and doctor, but I wanted to make sure that I found the best takeout places as well as hairdressers in Sale. My pride is my hair, and I always make sure that it looks as good as possible. I style it in different ways, and I often have it highlighted or colored. Since I do so many different things with my hair, I had to make sure that I went only to the best hair salons.

Actually, finding a hair salon is usually harder for me than finding anything else. I have only used three up until this point, but I made sure that all three were absolutely perfect for me. Continue reading

Graduating from Bland Style and Quietness to Designer Sunglasses and Strong Opinions

I remember my aunt always wearing bland clothing and not being really talkative at family get-togethers. I did not know it until I was older that she had a very rocky relationship with her husband. He was a rough man that would have been labeled an abuser if he was alive today. He was loud and obnoxious and ruined his liver. A couple of years after he was gone my aunt met a nice man. His personality helped bring her out of her shell to the point she is now fit, has nice hair, wears designer sunglasses and looks like a fashion model every day.Chloé-Designer-Sunglasses

I can hardly believe the transformation. She is now more than willing to join in the conversations at family events, and I found out that she has some strong and quite valid political and other opinions. She is extremely intelligent, and full of life and energy. It just goes to show you that the influence of significant people in your life can make a huge difference in how you express yourself as a person. Her first husband suppressed every good thing about her. Continue reading

A Great New Years Party with Co-Workers

New year is the special time where many people come in a place to countdown the time to leave the previous year and enter the next year with many wishes and expectations. What about you? Actually, there are many different things people can do in New Year celebration. The following explanation will let you know about some of the great possible ideas for your corporate event entertainment. Every country has almost the same idea to celebrate New Year. Most of them spend the time and wait for the last second of previous year pass by lighting up the firework. But, you cannot join such kind of celebration due to the far distance hometown. New Years Party with Co-Workers

So, what should you do? You should never make it as the big problem, since there are still many things you can do. One of the great ideas of New Year celebration is barbequing. You can do it with your beloved friends and family; even your co-workers! Definitely, that will be the great idea for you. Living in a downtown area provides you with the large field to hold any parties or celebration. Continue reading

Vegan Foods Packed with DHA

DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, is an essential omega-3 fatty acid that plays an important role in brain function. Unfortunately, the average American diet falls well below the daily recommendation of 220 milligrams. To make sure a person maintains adequate DHA levels, it is important to learn what foods are rich in this fatty acid, especially when following a vegan diet.Vegan Foods Packed

Importance of DHA

The medical community has long touted the importance of DHA, especially during pregnancy and infant development. However, it is vital for adults as well. It is found in the brain and retina and supports a healthy cardiovascular system. Deficiencies have been linked to challenging conditions, including autism, depression, Parkinson’s disease, and MS. To maintain top health, it is vital to consume adequate amounts.

Vegan Foods Rich in DHA

To obtain the recommended amounts of DHA, many people turn to supplements. However, it is always better to receive nutrition from food. Although a vegan’s diet is somewhat limited, there are numerous foods that contain high levels of DHA.

Adding chia or hemp seeds to the diet is a smart way to naturally increase DHA levels. A single ounce of these seeds contains over 1,000 milligrams. It is easy for a person to sprinkle the seeds on breakfast cereal or yogurt. They work nicely in smoothies as well. When blended properly, chia seeds are barely noticeable in a drink’s texture. For a tasty dessert, it is possible to combine these seeds with pudding.

Mustard oil is another great source of DHA. Anyone who uses olive oil in salad dressing can substitute mustard oil in its place. A tablespoon of this oil contains 826 milligrams of omega-3. Although conventional grocery stores may not carry this product, it is easy to find in most Indian food stores.

Seaweed is considered a superfood and is a popular ingredient in many Asian dishes. Seaweed contains numerous vitamins and minerals. It is one of the best vegan sources of DHA, EPA, and DHEA. One of the simplest recipes to prepare is miso soup with tofu and seaweed.

Many vegetables contain high amounts of DHA. Winter squash is a versatile food that provides 338 milligrams in every cup. Leafy greens are also filled with omega-3 fatty acids. For instance, spinach, cabbage, and kale top the charts with approximately 300 milligrams of DHA per cup. Broccoli and brussel sprouts are wise options as well.

Certain fruits contain DHA and should be incorporated into a vegan diet. Mangoes and honeydew melons are great summer foods. One cup of each fruit offers 60 to 70 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids. Blueberries are extremely healthy and provide approximately 175 milligrams per cup.

Wild rice is a healthy source of DHA and is a staple for people who follow a vegan diet. Besides 156 milligrams of omega-3, this grain is filled with protein, fiber, iron, and other important minerals. This food has a toasty, nutty, and earthy flavor that is perfect for a pilaf or another side dish.

A vegan must rely on natural herbs and spices to add flavors to ordinary dishes. Cloves, oregano, marjoram, and tarragon are four of the richest in DHA. Although it is impossible to satisfy omega-3 daily requirements with these alone, they add distinct taste and interest to other foods.

Vegans do not eat meat, fish, poultry, or any other animal products, which makes it difficult to attain adequate nutrition. It is necessary to get creative in the kitchen and uncover some healthy food choices that are outside the box. Since DHA is a fatty acid responsible for major bodily functions, it is vital to fill the plate with foods rich in this substance. After uncovering what foods contain the highest amounts, it is fun to try new and delicious recipes. This makes it possible to protect animals and the environment while maintaining a lifestyle that provides increased energy and top health.

The Role Bad Pollution Plays on Your Health

A wide variety of pollutants can damage your cells, and some of these include lead, oil, ozone, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. Moreover, particulates are able to enter your body and could weaken your immune system, and the presence of these chemicals may result in oxidative stress.The Role Bad Pollution Plays

The Respiratory System

According to several studies, airborne chemicals might reduce an athlete’s aerobic capacity, and the pollutants may contribute to the development of asthma. In urban areas, high levels of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide can usually be found in the air. When sunlight comes into contact with nitrogen dioxide, ozone is created. This substance is known to cause inhabitants to experience shortness of breath and to frequently cough.

Pollutants in Water

A recent report showed that industrial waste from landfills commonly seeps into the water table, and many of the chemicals are carcinogens. In some cases, pesticides can also accumulate in lakes and rivers.

The Cardiovascular System

The free radicals in certain pollutants might slowly damage the blood vessels and cause them to become relatively inflexible. Furthermore, the toxins have the ability to oxidize cholesterol, and as a result, the substance is converted into plaque, which may block the flow of blood.

Numerous analyses have shown that catechins strengthen the walls of the arteries and reduce oxidative stress. Found in several teas, these substances also decrease inflammation in the blood vessels.

Protecting the Skin

As skin cells divide, the DNA in each cell is copied and added to the new cell. Chemicals can slightly damage the DNA while it is being replicated, and if the recently created cell contains an error, the mistake will be passed on to new DNA. The accumulation of these errors may cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Chemicals can also lower the skin’s levels of collagen, which is the major protein in the skin cells. Particular pollutants are known to prevent nutrients and water from reaching the skin, and as a result, the production of collagen may be blunted. Low levels of collagen could reduce the smoothness and the elasticity of the skin.

The Effects of Pollutants on Energy

In order to eliminate chemicals from the body, the immune system must produce additional white blood cells and boost the activity of antibodies. These techniques could decrease energy and may inhibit focus. Additionally, chemicals can sometimes interfere with the creation of adenosine triphosphate, which delivers energy to the cells.

The Impact of Free Radicals

Pollutants contain countless free radicals. These molecules attempt to steal an electron from healthy cells by promoting oxidation, which weakens the cells. Over time, this damage accumulates and can cause serious diseases, such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease and neurological conditions.

The Benefits of Antioxidants

These compounds neutralize radicals by giving an electron to the reactive molecules. As a result, the substances could prevent diseases and tremendously slow the accumulation of damage in the body. Powerful antioxidants include astaxanthin, lutein, vitamin E, vitamin A and lycopene. Each of these substances is fat-soluble, and consequently, the compounds are likely to be absorbed by a person’s tissues.

Water-soluble antioxidants can be found in fruits, numerous herbs, vegetables, coffee and olive oil. A partial list of these substances would contain vitamin C, catechins, glutathione and ubiquinol.

Reducing Pollution

According to several studies, most children in 2014 are likely to have shorter lifespans that their parents, and a major cause of this reduced life expectancy is the proliferation of unnatural chemicals. In order to decrease pollution, we can utilize renewable sources of energy, reduce the amount of fossil fuels that we use and allow companies that are approved by the EPA to dispose of unused chemicals.

The Truth About the Freshman 15 and How You Can Beat It

Before heading off to college, teens are pummeled with advice from well-meaning relatives and loved ones. They’re told to get enough sleep, not to party too hard and to keep their noses to the proverbial grindstone. Sadly, they’re often woefully unprepared to cope with the reality of being on their own for the first time. That, more than anything, all too often leads to the gaining of the dreaded “freshman 15.”fat-people-480x319

Weight Gain in College Freshmen is a Real Problem

As easy as it may be to scoff at the seemingly cliche idea of packing on 15 pounds during the first year of college, research has shown that it’s an actual phenomenon. Of course, it’s not always 15 pounds. A Cornell University study of students from two large freshmen introductory classes showed an average weight gain of about 5.5 ounces per week, which translated to more like five to seven extra pounds during the first year. However, another study by Auburn University showed that a whopping 70 percent of freshmen gained weight. The average weight gain was around 12 pounds, with some students gaining as much as 37 pounds.

Why Do College Freshman Gain Weight?

College freshmen gain weight for a number of reasons. Environmental and social factors play a large part. When everyone around you is eating poorly, being sedentary and drinking excessively, it’s all too easy to adopt those habits too. There’s more to it than that, though. Some of the biggest culprits behind the freshman 15 phenomenon include:

  • Late-night studying and snacking sessions
  • Easy access to fast food, especially via delivery
  • Subsisting off largely unhealthy cafeteria food
  • Sleep deprivation and counteracting it by guzzling sugary energy drinks
  • No longer being held accountable by parents
  • Lack of exercise
  • Little or no education about proper nutrition

Keep the Freshman 15 at Bay with These Clever Tricks

Most of the advice you’ll find about avoiding the freshman 15 is fairly obvious. Eat less. Exercise more. Get plenty of sleep. These things will all help keep you in better shape, but they’re too vague and generic for most college kids to put into action. A handful of better, more actionable ways to ward off freshman year weight gain include:

  • Take the Stairs – Research from Harvard Medical School has shown that climbing the stairs is an effective way to lose weight and keep it off. Even at a slow pace, climbing the stairs burns calories three times as quickly as walking on a flat surface. Simply devoting 15 minutes here and there to climbing up and down the stairs at the dorm can make a huge difference.
  • Load Up on Antioxidants – Free radicals bombard your body on a daily basis. They wreak havoc on overall health. Antioxidants counteract their effects, so adding more to your diet can help you become healthier and stronger overall. Focus on antioxidant-rich foods like artichokes, watermelon, beans and red grapefruit. If necessary, take a supplement too.
  • Strength in Numbers – Eat meals with the same group of friends. Challenge each other to stick with healthier fare and smaller portions. It’s easier to stick with the program when you have to stay accountable to others.
  • Walk 10,000 Steps Per Day – Ask for a Fitbit for your birthday or Christmas, and use it to walk at least 10,000 steps per day.
  • Focus on Feeling Good – Instead of worrying about the number on the scale or your overall image, dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle in order to feel strong, healthy and good. This, more than anything, will keep you on track and help you avoid those dreaded 15 extra pounds.

Starting college is exciting, but it’s stressful too. Don’t let it take a toll on your health. The freshman 15 isn’t a foregone conclusion. By being mindful about what you eat, how much you move and on simply leading a healthy lifestyle, you should be able to avoid this unpleasant pitfall without too much trouble.

10 Charities Focused On Helping the Children

Many children need help all over the world, and there are several charities that focus on their causes. Your passion may be health issues or education. You might like to make an ailing child’s dream come true. Undoubtedly, you will be able to find a charity among the eight listed below that is promoting what you believe is a very worthy cause. Whether you volunteer your services or offer a donation, you will be doing your part to make the world a better place.Charities Focused

1. Operation USA

The founders of Operation USA saw a need that they wanted to fulfill. They noticed that most charities are not addressing the plight of children who have been displaced by war, tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes. This organization accepts private funds to help communities that have been ravaged by the afore-mentioned disasters recover from the catastrophic effects. They do so by re-building the communities, offering healthcare services and providing education.

2. Children International

Children International is a non-profit organization that helps children by providing them with healthcare and education. They also lend their services to improve living conditions within the community. For example, Children International has been instrumental in bringing clean water to areas that lack sanitation services.


UNICEF is a children’s charity that works to save the lives of children living in countries where the child mortality rate is extremely high. This charity provides these poverty-stricken areas with the vaccines and antibiotics that prevent children from dying before their fifth birthdays. Before UNICEF began its work, 12 million children died in 1990 before reaching the age of five.

4. The National Runaway Safeline

The National Runaway Safeline’s goal is simple. These people wish to keep children who have run away from home off of the streets, and they run several hotlines to accomplish this goal. They also have a hotline for kids who are thinking of running away that caters to the kids themselves or the people who know them. They even send volunteers out into the community to ensure that kids know that the hotlines exist.

5. Abducted & Missing Children’s Recovery Project

This non-profit organization’s goal is to find missing and abducted children. It also searches for new ways to prevent abductions from occurring. The volunteers perform their duties by working directly with the families of missing kids to ensure that they have the support they need. They also provide people with a Child Safety Kit at no cost that helps parents teach their children about abductions without scaring them.

6. The National Council for Adoption

The National Council for Adoption’s mission is to place every child who is without a home with a loving permanent family. One way they do this is to bring the issue of adoption to the public’s attention as often as possible. They wish to let everyone know that adoption is an excellent choice to make, and they start with women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

7. The Dream Factory

The Dream Factory grants children’s wishes, but it is different from other wish-granting organizations because the children do not have to have life-threatening diseases. Kids are eligible to participate in this program if they have chronic illnesses or other disorders that cause them to experience emotional and/or physical pain. The volunteers make these kids’ dreams come true by raising money for them from within their communities.

8. The Force for Good Foundation

Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation is involved with several different organizations that help children. One of their favorite causes is children’s health. To promote this objective, Nu Skin donates money to different charities that provide children around the world with medical care. One of them is the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund that paid for a toddler’s surgery in Singapore.

50 Facts and Quotes about Centenarians

Centenarians are becoming more and more common as time advances. Life expectancy rates are increasing, even among Americans. Medical and technology advances are even helping the unhealthy live longer. They might not be the happiest seniors on the block but they’re alive.

More and more health corporations are making over a billion dollars in revenue annually. It’s not just big pharma or the Doctors that vaccinated you. It’s the health companies that have their product at your gym. It’s the vitamin companies that have made being healthy taste really good. The business world of health is booming.

Technology to protect the human body is advancing to new levels. The hearing aids are more advanced than ever before. Sunglasses have technology built into them to actually block out the bad UV rays and still make you look cool.

Who knows, you might live to a hundred. If you’re like me and you want to achieve centenarianism, here are some quotes and facts that you should know!

1. In first-world countries, as many as 1 in 6,000 people will make it to 100.

2. Being free from disease at the age of 93 will greatly increase your chance of living seven more years.

3. Eighty-five percent of centenarians are women.

4. The oldest living human, Jeanne Calmet, died in 1997 at the age of 122.

5. Three percent of people older than 99 have looked for love at online dating sites.

6. Dementia afflicts 50 percent of American centenarians.

7. For 3 percent of eunuchs in Korea’s royal court, the 99th birthday was only the beginning.

8. Males over the age of 100 enjoy better health than do their female counterparts.

9. Out of every five centenarians, three are disabled.

10. California boasts the highest number of 100-and-older inhabitants.

11. Most centenarians call urban areas home.

12. Twenty-five percent of children born today will likely live 100 years or more.

13. During every decade since the 1950s, the number of U.S. centenarians has doubled.

14. Twelve percent of individuals over the age of 100 are Internet-savvy.

15. Centenarians exist in equal proportions around the world.

16. People born to mothers under the age of 25 are twice as likely as the rest to hit the century mark.

17. Thirty-seven percent of centenarians smoked for an average of 31 years.

18. Nearly 105,000 individuals over the age of 99 reside in America today.

19. One out of every four people makes it to 100 without losing a single marble.

20. Of every 26 baby boomers alive today, one will live to see 100.

21. One in three centenarians resides in a nursing home.

22. African-Americans comprise 12 percent of America’s 100-plus crowd.

23. At least three out of five centenarians will suffer a disability.

24. The survival of traumatic events will more likely lengthen life expectancy than shorten it.

25. One in five centenarians has never exercised.

26. Between 1980 and 2010, the number of Americans aged 100 or more increased by 65.8 percent.

27. Asian-Americans represent 2.5 percent of the centenarian population.

28. A 105-year-old Texas woman ascribed her longevity to bacon.

29. Centenarians are 60 percent less likely than the younger set to suffer from heart disease.

30. One in every 1,000 who live to see 100 will continue on to see 110.

31. Thirty percent of centenarians live at home with family.

32. If your parents survived to a ripe old age, chances are that you will too.

33. A 107-year-old Arkansas man died at the hands of a SWAT team.

34. Although 19 percent of centenarians use cell phones, they don’t often text while driving.

35. Six percent of centenarians identify as Hispanic.

36. Nearly 43 out of every 100,000 Japanese will live to see their 100th birthday.

37. California boasts just under 6,000 centenarians.

38. People older than 99 very rarely suffer from depression.

39. No more than 40 centenarians live in Alaska, suggesting that freezing temperatures won’t always help you keep.

40. Experts estimate that by the year 2050, more than one million people will have passed the century mark.

41. Among the 100-and-older set, psychiatric illnesses are rare.

42. The Midwest and Northeast boast the highest proportion of American residents over the age of 99.

43. Centenarians exist in equal proportions around the globe.

44. American Revolutionary War veteran Samuel Downing lived to be 102.

45. The Japanese attribute their high percentage of centenary citizens to a diet rich in grains, vegetables and fish.

46. One in every three centenarians lives alone.

47. People who have passed the century mark often contain a variant of the FOXO3A gene.

48. Surviving until 80 will greatly up your chances of reaching 100.

49. Extroverts with many friends and high self-esteem are common in the over-99 population.

50. Never-married women are more likely than most to one day celebrate their own centennial.

Keeping Your Kids Healthy

The struggle has never been as real as it is today to keep our children healthy. There is an oft-quoted study that claims that this generation of children have a lower life expectancy than their parents. And it is easy to understand why this would be the case. Junk food is cheaper and more available than ever before, cars are everywhere, and schools are less active. So in the fight to keep your child healthy, where are you supposed to even start the battle, let alone guarantee a win? Many parents face such a dilemma, but it is actually easier than you might think. Our children may be young, but they are smart and instinctive, and if you give them the opportunity, you will find that many of them actually want to be healthy. So here are a few tips and tricks to help them to realize it.Kids Healthy

Make Healthy Food Fun

Many parents soon fall into the early trap of forcing their children to eat boring food, and it soon becomes a chore, then a daily battle, to get them to eat good food. Make healthy food fun for them in whatever way you can. Dress vegetables up with a nice dip, and allow them to dip it themselves. It might be messy, but it will get them the vitamins they need! Most kids love milk, but if they don’t want to drink it, add some food coloring to make it more fun. You can even make each meal a game by coming up with creative ways to plate your food. One idea is to pull out an ice tray and place healthy, bite-sized bites in each square for them to pick from. Healthy food should be something that they look forward to, rather than something they avoid.

Healthy Habits

Start teaching them the basics of healthy living while they are still young, and help them to understand why they must do each thing. Washing their hands after going potty and before meal times, brushing teeth, and taking vitamins. A lot of manufacturers have developed fun ways for children to do each of these things with brightly colored soaps, flavored toothpaste, and chewy vitamins available in just about every store.

Dealing with Seasons

It is good for kids to be outside. There might be dirt and grime and all sorts out there, but it is much healthier for them to be exposed to the outside air, than cooped up inside. Even the bad things will boost their immune systems. In the summertime particularly, you want your kids to be outside under the sun for as long as possible, soaking up that vitamin D. In the winter, the same thing applies, but be sure to keep them wrapped up and warm to avoid cold-related illnesses.

Find their Favorite Activity

By the time you reach adulthood, most people already see regular exercise as a chore. But if you cultivate a love for fitness at an early age, your child won’t feel this way. Of course, this does not mean shoving your child on a treadmill and watching them run. This means finding something that they really love to do and encouraging it. It might be riding their bike, a certain sport or game, anything at all. If they show a passion for it, sign them up for classes, let them cultivate that passion, pressure free, and they will thank you in the future.

The Doctor is Our Friend

Perhaps most importantly of all, make sure that you have a pediatrician for your child, and that they are someone with whom your child becomes acquainted. We are not talking about hypochondria, rather the regular necessary check-ups and routine vaccinations. Make sure that your child knows that the doctor is a friend, not a foe, and make going to the doctor a positive, rather than negative, experience.

Protect Their Eyes

Parents forget this one like no other. I believe in drinking more water to protect eyes. When the eyes are fully hydrated the UV rays from the sun don’t pass through. Truth is your kids eyes will not always be hydrated. In those situations I believe in getting sunglasses like the TR90 glasses which are super intense with blocking out all bad UV rays. I wouldn’t wear these religiously. Your child needs to have vitamin D naturally from the sun.

Staying Active in the Workplace

It can be difficult to stay active at the best of times. On a list of “things I like to do,” working out comes somewhere near the bottom for most people. And when you add a busy work-schedule and a family or social life to the mix, keeping your lifestyle active might just be one of the hardest things for any person to do. Most of us do not have jobs that allow for regular movement, let alone proper exercise, and when you come home after a long day, usually the last thing that you want to do is work out. So when you want to keep healthy, but simply don’t have the time, you have to find clever ways to stay active in the workplace. Here are some suggestions to get you started.Staying Active in the Workplace

Standing Desks

The people who design office equipment have come up with one simple solution to this sort of problem, which is to stand while you work. Sitting at a desk all day has a lot of negative health implications that extend beyond a lack of exercise. Of course the restricted movement is a bad thing, but it can also affect your posture, give you back problems, carpal tunnel, and a number of other ailments. A desk that allows you to stand as you work would help to alleviate or even prevent a lot of these issues.

Treadmill Desks

Some office supply companies have taken it one step further and invented a desk that allows you to walk as you use it. A treadmill desk is exactly what it sounds like, and although it would probably be quite difficult to sprint while trying to type, a casual walk for an hour or so could really transform your fitness.

Walk When You Can

Driving a car to work everyday is most people’s default option, but it doesn’t allow for much exercise. Are you able to walk to work? Is there a bus or train station near you that you can walk to, and get public transport the rest of the way? Even if you cannot do either of these things, perhaps try parking further away than you normally do for work everyday. Many of these things will save the environment and save you money at the same time.

Exercise at Lunch

Most people get an hour for lunch on a regular day. That gives you easily enough time to go for a quick jog, shower or rinse, and finish in time to go back to work. If jogging is not your thing, perhaps visit a nearby gym or find something else that you like to do.

Take Walks

Your exercise doesn’t have to be limited to lunch breaks. Take regular breaks during the day, and go for a five or ten minute walk around the building. This will not only help you to stay physically healthy, but it will help to clear your head and keep you mentally fresh.

Eat Well

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to eat well. This will help increase your energy levels and feel good, even when you don’t have time to exercise in the traditional sense. And as with everything else on this list, it might help you to live longer too!

Maternal Health Program

AHN is currently working in partnership with USPG, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, NHS Northwest and Our Mobile Health to institute a programme that will significantly reduce the high rates of maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity in rural districts in Africa. The primary aim of the programme is to increase the number of births supervised by skilled birth attendants (SBAs). Representing the public, private, academic and faith sectors, the partnership will pool its constituent competencies to offer a comprehensive set of interventions to meet the classic 3 delays in care:

(1) delay in decision to seek care
(2) delay in reaching care
(3) delay in receiving care.

Maternal Health ProgramThe programme will stimulate both demand and supply for health services, and include communities in the steps taken to improve those services. It will engage the health authorities in a partnership with the Anglican Church. This will provide a sustainable basis upon which communities can be accompanied and supported in their pursuit of better health, and it will strengthen service delivery by both public and church health facilities.

The programme will bring together those community based carers (CBCs) that already accompany pregnancy and birth, and incorporate them into the maternal health team. Following training and with the support of ongoing supervision, CBCs will encourage and accompany women to facility-based deliveries. As the understanding and confidence of the community improves, the programme will encourage and support the development of community based SBAs. These changes will be supported by mhealth applications, initially for CBCs and then to incorporate community based SBAs into the district information system.

Emergency obstetric care will be enhanced by a unique intervention to establish a district blood supply system. These improvements will be sustained by a health financing solution that will pool family health expenditure.

These services help your health

Individual Fitness Programs

Regardless of your age or fitness level, our experienced and certified staff will tailor a workout program to fit your goals, time-frame, and your interests.  Based on a one-on-one interview with you, exercise programs are designed specifically for you and your weight-loss, general conditioning, muscle strengthening, or building goals.  We have all types of weightlifting equipment for novice to experienced resistance exercisers.  From the Sprint Expercise Circuit to over 15,000 pounds in free weights, we have something for everyone.services help your health

Court Sports

With three glass-backed, maple floored racquetball courts, Alpena Health and Racquet Club has something of interest for everyone when it comes to court sports.  Play some calorie burning racquetball, or try some intense handball.  Paddleball, wallyball and two-on-two basketball are also available for your enjoyment.  Lessons and equipment for all court sports is available, so don’t let lack of equipment or inexperience deter you!  Racquetball and paddleball leagues are run several times a year with division for all levels of play.  Experience the fun and camaraderie of court sports!

Group Fitness Classes

Whether you want to work your “Abs,” experience the Latin influenced dance moves of “Zumba,” go to the intense “Boot Camp,” or relax after a stressful day with “Yoga,” Alpena Health and Racquet Club has several different group fitness classes.  Offered at various times throughout the weekday and weekend, there are classes to fit your schedule and fitness level.  For the current class listing, please click the “Schedule” link at the top of this page.

Personal Training

Do you want or need that extra motivation to stick to an exercise program?  Then a Personal Trainer may be for you! Personal training works completely around YOUR schedule.  Like a coach, the trainer meets you on YOUR terms and works with you one-on-one as you go through your routine.  Sessions are purchased based on one-hour units.  You may purchase just one hour for that extra push, or you may purchase as many units as you like for complete guidance as you work towards your fitness goals!

Climbing Walls

The Alpena Health and Racquet Club is northeastern Michigan’s only facility with rock climbing walls.  We have a series of two story puzzling walls that will test your mind and body.  The walls are designed at one end with the beginner in mind, but progressively get more challenging as you move down the series.  Like in nature, the face of the walls change over time, so each finger grasp and each toe hold is there for that climb, but may be gone the next time you show up.  Solve the puzzle, work your body.

Sun Tanning

As a member of the “International Smart Tan Network”, we have the latest state-of-the-art HEX tanning systems.

Racquet Service

Being a member of the USRSA, we can handle all your racquet needs, and we carry a full line of rental equipment.

Board of Directors

board-of-directors1Catherine Benavidez Clayton MS, RN, NP, President


A native of Colorado, Catherine Benavidez Clayton is a bilingual nurse practitioner, and a graduate of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, and CO. With over 30 years as a healthcare clinician/nurse practitioner, educator, and a manager, she brings experience in the creation and delivery of innovative health care services for underserved, ethnic minority populations, with emphasis on Latinos. Extensive involvement in Finding Common Ground focusing on health care disparities. Expertise in grassroots organizing, network development, and health advocacy. A health care manager with a history of outstanding leadership achievements throughout a wide spectrum of health care missions, cultures and initiatives and a long term commitment to narrowing the health disparities gap in the Latino population. She has served on numerous boards through out her professional career. She is the past president of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) Colorado Chapter.


Henry Rodriguez, Vice President, San Antonio, TX


Mr. Rodriguez had been the community liaison for Community Home Health Services in San Antonio since 1996. He is a member of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Zapatista Council, San Antonio, Texas when he is a community grassroots organizer. Additionally, he works very closely with the Diabetes and Glandular Disease Clinic in San Antonio, an organization which does research and treatment of diabetes. His dedication to diabetes comes because in the United States, Latinos have the highest death rate from the disease.


Margie Cook, PhD, MS, RN, Board Member


Dr. Cook received her MS in Community Health, and her Adult Nurse Practitioner Certification from the University of Colorado, and her PhD from the University of Denver. She is a Professor Emeritus at Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO. In her career of over 30 years she has been a professor, a practitioner, an author and a community organizer. Currently, she serves on 12 boards both nationally and internationally. She serves the new poor immigrants from many parts of the world including Africa, China, Japan, South America and Russia. Primarily, she is involved in teaching them American cultural skills needed to survive in North America. She connects them with them as a mentor and assists them as they begin their new lives in North America. Most of these families are women and their children. She is the past president of the Colorado Council of Black nurses, Inc. She leads by good example to her new students of life.



Abraham Grinberg, MD, MPH, Board Member, Englewood, CO


Abraham (Abe) Grinberg is a pediatrician and neonatologist with over 20 years of experience. He was born and raised in México City, and obtained his MD from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México in 1971. Abe also worked as a volunteer while in medical school and provided social services to several rural villages in the States of México, Hidalgo and Tlaxcala. Abe enjoys sharing his knowledge and cultural understanding of different populations in relation to medical and social problems. He is committed to helping health providers understand and be culturally sensitive to their Hispanic patients. He has developed customizable courses in medical Spanish that are tailored to different medical specialties and needs.


Eva Margarita Moya, Board Member


Eva is a native of the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez border region. She is a borderlander. Presently she is a Doctoral Student in the University of Texas at El PasoInterdisciplinary Health Sciences PhD Program and serves as the Director Tuberculosis Division, U.S.-Mexico Border Health Association. With more than 23 years of professional experience in the U.S.-Mexico Border region, her expertise includes border, binational and cross-border health; health diplomacy; and migrant community health education, Community Health Workers / Promotores(as) de Salud Program implementation and evaluation; non-governmental organizations, health centers and academic institutions. From 2002-2005 Eva served as the Executive Director of the United States Section of the United States-Mexico Border Health Commission.


Rodrigo Munoz, MD, Board Member, San Diego, CA


Born in Popayan, Columbia, he received his medical degree at the University of Cauca, in Popayan, Columbia. He obtained training in psychiatry at Washington University in St. Louis Missouri. He participated in research there that led to his being one of the co-authors of “Diagnostic Criteria for Using Psychiatric Research,” the most quoted psychiatric paper in the last decades of the century. He was the 127th President of the American Psychiatric Association. Rodrigo Dr. Muñoz is very active in programs for the indigent, the homeless, and patients who suffer from chronic mental illness. Dr. Muñoz has a full time private practice in San Diego, California.

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Medical Transcription

medical-transcriptionistsMedical transcription is the process of transcribing medical records dictated by doctors and others, including history and physical reports, clinic notes, office notes, operative reports, consultation notes, discharge summaries, letters, psychiatric evaluations, laboratory reports, x-ray reports and pathology reports.

It involves receiving dictation by tape, digital system or voice file; and using earphones, a foot pedal for start-stop control and a word processing program. In addition to knowledge of medical terms and computer skills, the process requires excellent listening and language skills.

Medical transcription is projected as the India’s fourth largest foreign exchange earner over the next five years.

SourcePilani feels proud to be the first and the only Rural BPO to offer highly cost effective solutions in the field while maintaining the global quality standards.

Social Media Outsourcing

Social Media OutsourcingSourcePilani offers it expertise in Social Media Outsourcing to social media agencies who want to make an impactful web presence and increase the web visibility of their clients. With a proven track record of success, we offer the following services:

  • Customised Target Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Maintaining web presence on Social Networking Sites
  • Micro and Macro Blogging
  • Content Generation
  • List Generation

News And Media

Empowering Outsourcing SourcePilani Acquired by Harnessing Value of Rural India HarVa

Gurgaon based rural start up HarVa with an integrated model combining skill development, Rural BPOs, community farming and microfinance announced its acquisition of leading rural BPO provider SourcePilani for an undisclosed amount in cash and stock.health News And Media

SourcePilani is a for-profit village based business process outsourcing company that leverages low cost rural talent and inexpensive infrastructure to provide BPO services to companies at an unmatched price. Setup in 2007, SourcePilani has grown to a 55-seater unit and has built strong service capabilities in niche BPO verticals such as medical transcription, social media monitoring and regional language voice services.

SourcePilani operates out of Rajasthan, and has an impressive list of clients like Microsoft, NetCustomer, Hilbroy Advisors, and the Rajasthan Government.

With this acquisition, HarVa, which already has its presence in Haryana, Uttrakhand and UP will expand its footprint in Rajasthan as well. The company will retain SourcePilani’s legacy along with its brand name, clients and business.

Established in 2007, SourcePilani is one of India’s pioneering BPOs, which has been acclaimed at national and international levels for demonstrating the possibility of forging mutually beneficial linkages between corporate and rural India. Ajay Chaturvedi, Founder and Chairman of HarVa, said, “SourcePilani’s established track record, and ability in servicing higher skill sets for clients will be leveraged by HarVa. It also complements HarVa’s current abilities.” Chaturvedi added that SourcePilani founder Manoj Vasudevan will continue onboard as an alumnus, mentor and advisor.

“We have been discussing this for some time now. Given that both Ajay and I are alums of BITS Pilani, we share a common passion and link to our alma mater. SourcePilani is close to a lot of BITSians’ hearts. Some have worked with it, some advised while some have just been a part of growth from the beginning. HarVa has a comprehensive business model and a larger vision. We will preserve the SourcePilani legacy and everything will continue the way it has been,” said Manoj Vasudevan, Founder & CEO, SourcePilani.

Their immediate short term plan is to expand to 3 more states and add 2500 seats.

For more details about HarVa see www.harva.co.in/ and SourcePilani see sourcepilani.com/

HarVa is a unique and first of its kind Rural Enterprise that focuses on creating value in non or low agricultural areas where none or little existed. Founded in 2009, HarVa is well poised for growth in the near future. For more details about HarVa see www.harva.co.in/

1213 Galleria Commercial Complex,

DLF Phase IV,

Gurgaon – 122002, Haryana, India
Contact No. +919560302200
EMail: info@harva.co.in
Website: www.harva.co.in/

SourcePilani is one of the finalists for the Sankalp 2010 awards-Tech for development sector(Emerging Enterprise Category).

Customer Call Center Support

Customer Call Center SupportSourcePilani has broken new ground by offering both outbound and inbound vernacular customer call center support services. Operating from the hinterland, SourcePilani is a hub of native Hindi and Marwari speakers and thereby delivers high quality vernacular service. SourcePilani’s service offering comprises of:

  • Customer support
  • Answering general queries
  • Billing information / helpdesk
  • Troubleshooting
  • Directory assistance